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Martin Co Water Service Outage Continues

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 Martin Co Water Service Outage Continues

Officials in Martin Co say water problems continue to affect many residents in the county. For the last week, due to several water leaks throughout the county because of the recent cold weather, Martin Co. Water Officials have been forced to shut off water during the overnight hours to some areas of the county to help try and build up water levels in their tanks and to give time to repair broken or busted pipes. Judge Executive Kelly Callahan said the Water District is working non-stop to fix the problems, but officials still could not say when normal service might be restored. Martin Co Water Officials say they must ask for a rate increase because of this dire situation. To paraphrase from a post on the Martin Co. Utilities Facebook page, the primary causes for our current situation are a decrease in customers leading to lost revenue, coupled with an increase in utility costs to repair failing infrastructure. This shortfall has created an accounts payable debt that the utility don’t have the funds to pay. To read a statement from the Martin Co. Water Board, click on the following link.

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